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spending a dime. rebecca jarvis tells us all it took was a cell phone and a system. >> reporter: steven ortiz is enjoying the ride of his life. >> i feel power and luxury, you know -- not too many 17-year-olds can sit behind the wheel of a porsche and say it's theirs. that's the best part. >> reporter: the even better part is that he got the car free. to understand how, go back two years. it started with an old cell phone given to steven by a friend. the glendora, california student went to online marketplace craigs list and began his treasure hunt. >> he has the ipod i want. why don't we do a trade. >> reporter: he made that swap then traded the ipod for a small motorcycle. that motorcycle for a bigger motorcycle. >> once i had the full-size motorcycle, i traded that for a macbook pro. >> reporter: steven almost stopped there. >> i got offered a 1987 toyota forerunner. i was like why not? >> reporter: for one thing, he was still too young to drive but that didn't hold him back. a golf cart, two dirt bikes and three cars later, steven had a 1975 ford bronco. that's the car he swapped fo
and steven, unfortunately, where he was sitting, it was the worst hit. >> reporter: he hired steven two years ago. >> steven was a people's person. steven was very committed to his work. >> reporter: he worked for johns hopkins school of health in uganda and he was working on a project to help the victims of. aids and he says it's troubling that a man trying to help others was killed. >> so, steven was out there helping an activity that will help improve other people's lives and the reverse, rather, he lost his life. >> reporter: a maryland native was injured in the blast and also, another man from delaware was killed in the crash. >>> i talk about them and we feel the pain. we feel the loss. i know i'll have to bring my experience to closier when we go back and go to his office to see it empty. >> reporter: he'll go back to uganda next week. >>> and just curious. did you feel anything when the earthquake happened? >> news to me, my photographer, lenny, we didn't feel it. thank you. >> and stay with wjz-13 for deplete -- complete coverage of the bombing. we'll continue to update you on the re
. steven okeria worked for john hopkins hospital. friends and colleagues say his violent death is a stark contrast to the life of service that he lived. these are pictures of the funeral service wednesday. he was killed as people were watching the world cup finals. >> the bomb went off, and steven, unfortunately where he was sitting took much of the blow. steven was very committed to his work. >> reporter: okeria worked in uganda he was working on a project to help the victims of aids and other diseases. and locals say it's troubling that a man trying to help others was killed. >> so steven was out there helping an activity that will help improve people's lives and the reverse rather he lost his life. >> reporter: emily curstetter was severely injured. delaware native was the only american killed. >> i have talked to the various people, i feel the pain. we feel the loss, i know i have to bring my experience to closure when i go back and go to steven's office to see it empty. >> reporter: we spoke to cojol in owens mill, he plans to head back to uganda next week. we want to point out this
neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> remembering steven pitcairn, the johns hopkins researcher stabbed to death in the village, the outpouring of emotion and the investigation into his killing. >> hello again, here is what people are talking about today. that service being packed with people and friends and lost ones who remember the smart young man who wanted to cure breast cancer and become a doctor to help other people. wjz's live, mike holmgren has reaction from florida where his family lives and the funeral is being held. good afternoon mike. >> reporter: good afternoon don. at his core those who knew steven said he was trusting and loving. he worked extensively with stem cells and wanted to find a cure for breast cancer. but all that promise was lost in an instant. the pain is fresh as loved ones remember steven pitcairn. the johns hopkins researcher murdered in charles village as he walked home from penn station. his family held a memorial for him yesterday in jupiter, florida, his funeral is today. >> we all know how steven died and it was
, we catch up with the former redskins safety matt stevens who was paralyzed in a horrific motorcycle accident. and now thanks to something called the rewalk. >>> there's no escaping it. it is coming tomorrow, near record heat and some very high octane air. that mean poor air quality. i hope you enjoy today, 95 degrees in the zprik takoma park. in annandale and fairfax, 93 currently. the temperature will drop off to the mid 80s and skies will be clear. 81 by 11:00 p.m. in the 70s to start the day tomorrow. the high after getting out of the 60s and 70s. 98 degrees with sunshine. but it's going to feel like we're up around 105 degrees. >> thanks. >>> a playground prank has parent fuming. swings, monkey bars and slides found coated in peanut butter. it can be dangerous for these are allergic. this prank happened at a playground in the broad win section. that's where julie joins us live. >> reporter: peanut butter wasn't the only thing they left behind. it's the first time this week the group of summer campers has been able to use the hillside park playground. word traveled quickly that v
huddy bees. >> so cute. >> steven cruiser, he hosts "planet cruiser." he knows right wing wit. it is how i unwind after the show. deal with it. and my repulse 7 sidekick. he once gave hepatitis to herpes. >> yuck. >> and sitting next to me, to know her is to love her and to love her is to -- well, love her more. the -- if hilarity was a gavel, judge judy would bang her daily. >> that's my dream. i love judge judy. i would say yes. >> that's enough of the intros. >> and our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> honey of a profile on cardinals' manager tony larussa in today's sports section. that's right. we have a sport section. please read it. >> you are not even trying. >> you are not trying. >> you are pathetic. >> sports section. >>> he battle ited with babbs and woped it up with elizabeth and elizabeth with elizabeth, hasselbeck. president obama viewed "the view" hit the sofa with the gaggling gar began shoe wins. one former co-host took a dim view. yes, human manatee hybrid rosy on -- rosie o'donnell said sitting presidents should not do fluffy daytime shows. who
. everyone got out safely except her 2-year-old son, steven. >> translator: his leg was out of the car through the window. and it was between the car and the middle of the street. >> there had been an overturned vehicle on i-95, and there was a trapped child against the guardrail. >> reporter: steven goss is the dispatcher for maryland state emergency management services who got the call. he says paramedics couldn't move the car enough to get the child's leg free. they needed a special medical team to come in and to possibly amputate the leg right there on i-95. >> when normally we have a trauma patient, we bring the trauma patients to the trauma bay. >> reporter: maryland ems contacted johns hopkins children's center pediatric surgeon dra abdullah. they asked him to do something he had never gone before, fly to t scene and possibly cut off his leg to get it out of the car. >> certainly i was reluctant to do an amputation and try to figure out if there was a way to do a partial amputation. >> reporter: the doctor studied the situation. the child was in shock but wasn't suffering any ot
, justice paul stevens and it brought the usual last minute rush of big decisions, including one that limits the ability of cities like chicago to ban handguns. it was a victory for the n.r.a. and a defeat for proponents of gun control. but what did this decision tell us about the roberts court that kagan is likely to join. >> that's a good question. it showed us and another ideological divide and decision. it has some pattern on this court, but it also has exceptions. enough exception that is kagan is going to have running room when she joins the court. first on the guns decision, the justices ruled with the conservative majority controlling that -- the second amendment right to individual -- to individual possession of guns is a right that extends to the states. the ruling this week picked up from a 2008 one where the justices for the first time, the same five conservative justices ruling said that -- there is an individual right to bear arms in the second amendment. people forget that for decades the conventional wisdom among most of the nation's jumps is that the second amendment covered
researcher. steven pit container, late last night in pit container village. they have two people in custody in connection with the murder. they spoke with a man who tried to help him after he was attacked. >> steven pit karen would have been 27 tomorrow, he hoped to enroll in medical stool, was doing research the two people who attacked him, a man and a woman have a long rap sheet but not as serious as this. the man who tried to help altered his face and his voice, he is stunned wii what he saw. >> reporter: the only evidence that something horrible happened along st. paul street sunday night. paramedic's glove and a pool of water mixed with blood. steven pit karen died here, a man who lives on the street heard a struggle outside his window, two suspects ran from the scene, a man ran to steven pit karen. >> he was bleeding a lot, on his stomach, and he was bleeding a lot, yeah. >> reporter: the man does not want to be identified. he says he knew pit karen was badly hurt and pit karen new it too. he was trying to and i told him don't try to talk, and i told him to hang in there and i parade
-- that works for me. >>> more steven strausburg. >> more steven strausburg. they want more steven strausburg. i don't know. will the all-star game have him? who knows. hot topic tonight. been the hot topic all week long of course. some felt steven strausburg should be an all-star. he has got star appeal. others say too much too soon especially for a guy with just six major league starts. that debate ended today though. steven strausburg was left off the nl all-star team. all-star manager charlie manuel said there will be plenty of selections to come for steven strausburg in the future not just this year. that will come up on the plus. >>> leadling the national league in saves. one point 15-15 in save ops. currently 22 saves tied for 2nd. ryan zimmerman is one of five nominees for the final spot on the squad. fans can vote online. results on thursday. >>> tiger woods not in contention at the tourney that once carried his name. justin rose winning for the second time on american soil in the last two months. you will hear from tiger and the rose coming up in just a second. >>> final, rafael nadal
brothers turned business partners, jeremy, lance, and steven. going into business with your close friends may sound risky but these guys have figured out how to make it work. >> this is the promotion we ran. >> they found that a clear division of responsibilities has helped them tackle the challenges of managing the startup and avoid any personal drama. >> whenever the discussion gets a little fiery, we're always just like, friends first, friends first. >> jeremy and steven, both avid climbers, wrote a business plan for a climbing gym while studying entrepreneurship at college. they went their separate ways after graduation but continued to pursue their idea. >> new york city didn't really have any true climbing gyms. >> we realized that we have all the capabilities, so we figured, why not? let's go for it. >> from the start their roles have been defined. jeremy, who works in finance in boston, came up with the projections and model. and he and steven pitched the idea to their families. >> there's 36 million americans that claim that they climb. you know, we can find at least a few thousa
pending cases then finish up with a few remarks on justice steven's departure. generally looking at the year of the court, a few things stand out. this is a big year for the roberts court and for chief justice roberts on that court. justice roberts was in the majority more frequently than any other, and he dissented in [ only . the last most frequent dissenter was joseph kennedy. this eclipse justice stevens dissented 22 times this term. looking forward, justice stevens, the most frequent justice to disagree with chief justice roberts is leaving the court which one might think would lead to even greater unanimity or at least greater agreement on the roberts court. second, i think it is fair to say that the court this year was a conservative but minimalist court. it showed that it would walk tall but perhaps take baby steps. it did so in a number of cases in the free enterprise case, the court embraced a constitution theory that held unconstitutional the four clause provision of the sarbanes oxley accounting board. it left the board in tact so it was a broad constitutional ruling
lazar. she is so hot the song "light my fire" is now called light my cheryl lazar smd. and it is steven cruiser. if witty commentary was dog food, he would come in a can. and bill shultz, he is considered a vacuum in someplaces. and matt mccall, the founder and president of the penn financial group. he knows dollars like i know collars. it is the only thing i wear to bed. and journalist spin is no news to him. it is our correspondent. good to see you you dying breed. >> incalled for. -- uncalled for. let me try that again, greg. it teaches you how to wear separate items a month without anyone in theing mix and matchers or be like me and be totally naked. you made me stutter. >> i can't believe we pay you a half a million dollars a year to do that. >> a half a million dollars? >> yes. >> that is still more than bill makes. >> all right. is waiving the flag a total drag? apparently so if you are a director named joe. "captain america" director joe johnson seen here looking grim and stupid wants you to know his version of the iconic super soldier wouldn't embody any silly ideas like americ
of john paul stevens. and if you look back at his political origins, we came out of different branches, from different branches of the illinois political tree, that's for sure. but in the time he served on the court, over 30 years on the court, i really have come to respect him so much. and the role that he plays there. what i find interesting is a parallel outcome in you dishl careers. justice blackman at the end of his career, near the time of his retirement med an observation about the death penalty, which he had supported throughout his term on the supreme court. case came along and he had a famous sentence. from this day forward, i shall no longer tinker with the machinery of death. he basically had reversed his position on the death penalty, after more than 30 years of service on the bench. when he concluded it could not be applied fairly based on his experience and all the cases that have come before him. justice stechvens had a similar epiphany and he went through a long analysis of the death penalty and concluded as well that it was cruel and unusual and he basically said it w
accused in steven pitcairn's death have lengthy criminal records. linda sow joins us live with details on why they should have been behind bars. >> reporter: the two suspects are no strangers to the law. new video shows one of the suspects robbing another guy back in april. that case never made it to court. john wagner and his wife robbed a man tuesday light night. he was repeatedly allowed to stay on the streets. also, police say this video from april shows wagner robbing someone outside a gas station. a jury never saw a video or written statement from the victim. the jury couldn't pursue the case because the victim was to testify. >> he wouldn't come to court for the particular case. ultimately prosecuted to drop the case. >> reporter: now wagner's bail review hearing is set for later today. tonight the police commissioner is scheduled to walk with members in the community of charles village. it's a citizen's patrol walk. no magic bullet, but it does set an example of what he wants his patrol officers to do every day. we're live in downtown baltimore, linda sow, abc2 news. >> the pit
, in fact, a consequential decision. just think about this -- dementias replacing, john paul stevens, -- the man she is replacing, john paul stevens, seven presidents he served under. this is a last chance to get a shot at anybody in terms of what they stand for, and we have , to the point where we don't know. >> 5-4, the court decides in favor of gun rights. that means that mark shields can keep a .44 magnum under his pillow. >> it gave the lower courts and the rest of us no idea, really, any more of an idea, as to what reasonable regulations are. i want to say one other thing. i have covered the supreme court for more years than i care to admit on the air. this last day of the court term was one of the most dramatic i've ever been in. the announcement of opinions took more than an hour, justice ginsburg's husband died the night before and she was there an ounce in her opinion in a major case, and john paul stevens, after 34 years, was stepping down. the head of the liberal wing of the court, the most gracious and love, i think, a member of the court in many ways, and he is leaving.
a man killing steven had a lengthy personal record and should have been behind bars. emotions ran high at the village last night. it came three dais after pitcairn was robbed and stabbed to death. wagner was no stranger to police. back in april, he robbed a man outside a gas station. somehow allowed to stay on the street. the mayor had frustration last night, angry that suspects aren't prosecuted to the whole success. >> i'm frustrated because you can't get people. you can't get universal commitment to put bad guys with guns in the city in jail and keep them there. >> that anger eluding to the city state's attorney office, challenging patricia in the upcoming election was at last night's rally. he says pitcairn might be alive if he would have done a better job prosecuting the suspects. linda so, abc2 news. >>> judge decided that the man accused of murdering steven pitcairn will stay behind bars and no bail. some believe the suspect's criminal history should have kept him locked up to begin with. the man accused of murdering pitcairn. she retired because she was dissatisfied with the
got better stuff to talk about. steven strausburg. another first for the kid. his first shutout. no rush after the break for super steve as the kid fired nothing but bullets in florida tonight. plus, speaking of second wind, the wind attacked st. andrews. i'm out. o: i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. >>> it is time for 9 sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> didn't look very good for steven strausburg when he walked two guys but it was all part of steve's plan because two hours later the kid was off to the showers and he hadn't given up a run. nats and marlins in the first game back from the break. steven strausburg making his 8th start and he re
on the streets was a judicial failure. the man accused of killing steven spent 7mmthe better part the last year in and out of judge howard's courtroom. each time court records show getting a pass on probation violations on a 2002 assault. each time went out instead of sentence to the eight years hanging over his head. canned point-blank if he pointed the ball after not sentencing wagoner to probation twice governor o'malley was blunt. he said it was a judicial failure. that judge howard had several chances to revoke wagoner's probation and put him behind bars before he had a chance to kill. a failure that should be avoided. >> when i point judges the question i ask each and every one of them is will you send people to jail when they have a history and found guilty in front of you of committing crimes of violence against ourselves? >> reporter: those statements have a political charge to them. judge howard was appointed by the former governor. we'll have his reactions to the statements coming up at 6:00. brian keebler abc2 news. >> steven will be laid 3@:wto r tomorrow in florida. funeral servic
you got in sports? >>> the castles heating it up once again on home court tonight. plus, steven strasburg is sitting them down and mowing them down in cincinnati. news 4 at 11:00 continues. one word turns innovative design into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference. >>> police in oakland, california, released surveillance video showing two potential suspects in the murder of a man from fairfax county. he was killed on sunday night just hours before he was scheduled to interview for a job with google. kang was married and had three children. the surveillance video shows a man and a woman walking in the area moments before the murder. >>> a couple in southern ohio escaped serious injury today after getting caught in a big rock slide. a 15-foot boulder slammed into their car across the ohio river from huntington, west virginia. the highway will be closed until at least friday.
the body. he also suffered from skull fractures. they arrested the owner of the dogs. this man. steven hayashi. the boy's father is asking to release hayashi. >> i know he would never harm my kids. he loved my kids. if anything, the charges against him i think are a little much. my family is -- we're healing from the loss of my son jacob and now we're going to be losing another member of the family. and we need him to heal and move on from this tragic event that happened to my son jacob. >> reporter: michael is says his son loves hayashi. this is his favorite picture of jacob. he says hayashi will live for the rest of his life knowing he played a part in his grandson's death. >> i haven't been able to even mourn for my own loss. just yesterday when i saw my son. i miss him so much. >> reporter: in concord, kron 4 news. >> the grandfather has been arrested on owning a mischievous animal. here's what he had to say about the death of his grandson. >> we don't fully understand why he was out there. never goes out there. on the second floor and his routine every day is to go to the room rig
because of the fact i knew i didn't have the second book. steven's story, i asked myself questions. a lot of writers do that that's usually how i begin. what did he do? who did he meet when he got off the train? who was this man servant? what was his life about? it all began with the seeds and the particular questions, as simple as that. although, then, i had to answer them. what i had done is i usual low don't work with an out line. a lot of writers do they will out line what will happen and sometimes they have to because like if you are writing a mystery you need to write out the plot. i write about characters the characters drive the story. when that hatched i sat down and said, what happens is, a, he arrived and gets off the train what's going to happen. >> i know z, he would get on the train and leave at the evented book. i didn't know the alphabet in between. i was nervous and i took one step at a time very japanese like. i began to study and read everything i could find on the japanese culture. the incredible thing was not having everything that went into it and it still became a
if she would be offended. steven crowder. he knows quick retorts like i know leather shorts. sure they stick in the summer, but they are worth it. >> they are. >> and the cause of all odor, my repulsive sidekick bill shultz. he once ate his own foot. and next to him, comedian joe derosa. he keeps getting thinner because he can't afford dinner. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> today on the new york times .com website internet thing, david brooks and gail collins debate new media veer is you old media in a riveting wharf text messages. it is something called awesome media. look into it. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> she looks none plus. >> lower the expectations quickly. >>> does the man in the white house wear a pretty white blouse? does the commander-in-chief prefer panties off briefs? yes, in the "washington post" a paper, the columnist and future cnn co-host says obama may be our first woman president. yet another milestone for him. he has done a lot. she writes, no, i am not calling obama a girly president, but he may be suffering a rhet
. >>> i am here with new york reporter lauren sevon. it is steven cruiser. he hosted cruiser control. if wit were jam, i would get him all over my fingers. and it is still alive. my repulsive sidekick bill shultz -- shultz. if you need fireworks this weekend. he is known to smuggle an entire roman candle inside him. and if intelligence were a tennis ball, i would bang him at wimbledon. and he wears a liberal crown while his subscriptions go down. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> thanks to bunchett cuts, they put the kabosh on our 4th of july preview and focused our coverage on bast le day coming july 14th. viva la france. >>> it is a magazine for maniacs. it is a pamphlet for poopy heads with talking points for terrorists. i speak of the new publication by al-qaeda awesomely titled "inspire." it beats goat bangers monthly. while the all jews must die article had sources, does the layout draw you in as a reader? i don't know. that's just one of the questions the bearded staff of the first english speaking mag will be grappling with in the upcoming iss
of steven stabbed in the heart after being robbed in the village brought out emotions in the rally including those who saw the after math. on the night that this happened, i saw the police cars and i thought one of the neighbors is dead. if you've never seen dead eyes laying there, blood is more red than most of you realize. >> reporter: he was walking back from penn station on the phone with his mom who heard the whole thing. the police quickly arrested a married couple and charged them with the killing. both have long records and they've been in and out of the courts for decades. this video shows him beating and robbing someone and the victim backed out and the prosecutors dropped the case. he beat his girlfriend and he violated the probation four times and earning him no time behind bars. just last week, a can't was issued for his arrest on a probation violation and it was never served. and we're sorry we failed to protect steven. we accept our responsibility and our role in that. we'll challenge ourselves with every ounce of energy to build a bigger and better rat trap! we'll capture the
technician steven pitcairn came up only briefly. bernstein called it another example of the state's attorney's failure to work with police. >> the state's attorney's spokesperson the very next morning was on the news saying that the reason that the assailant in that case had received a sentence of probation was because police don't do a very good job in robbery cases. >> reporter: jesse a me did not address the pitcairn case but did mention this youtube video. >> running this viral youtube video to say pat jesse a me said nobody should go to jail. that is a lie. >> reporter: she goes on to say that prison space should be reserved primarily for violent offenders, another dispute was over jesse a me's work in crime prevention. bernstein said punishment needs to be the focus. >> when you have a system in which violent felons continue to commit crimes, to get back on the street time after time after time, that's where the resources have to be prioritised. >> reporter: yes, sir a me countered that her approach is not the exception among prosecutors but the norm. >> that's not happening any place
stevens' departure. generally looking at the year at the court -- a fewwthings stand out. this is a big year for the roberts court and for chief justice roberts on that court. chief justice roberts was in the majorrty more frequently than any other justice on the court. he was in the majority 92% of3 he dissented it almost -- almost only a few cases. the last most frequent dissenter was joseph kennedy. this eclipse justice stevens dissented 22 times this term. looking forward, justice stevens, the most frequent justice to disagreeith chief justice roberts is leaving the court which one might think would lead to even greater unanimity or at least greater agreement on the roberts court. second, i think it is fair to say that the court this yearas a conservative but minimalist court. it showed that it would walk tall but perhaps take baby steps. it did so in number of cases in the free enterprise case, the court embraced a constitutional theory that held unconstitutional the four clause provision of the sarbanes oxley accounting board. it left the board in tact so it was a broad constituti
. basically to see nationals rookie pitching sensation steven strasburg made the start. the problem was the player who came to the mound was not steven strasburg but miguel batista. minutes before the game, stasburg couldn't get loose. his shoulder was tight and the team didn't want to take chances. so strasburg was scratched. he's already in x rays and mri. the team doesn't think it's serious but they aren't taking any chances with their crown jewel. here's mike rizzo. >> the mri shows no changes from his original mri when we drafted -- before we -- right after we signed him. so no change there. no cuff damage. no label damage. that's good news. diagnosed with a little inflammation in the shoulder. he'll be on antiinflammatories and treatment. his status is day to day. we're still not sure where he's at. >> mike rizzo said this has happened to strasburg before in college. but it was nothing serious. but you have to imagine if he's out for a couple of weeks, they're not going to take chances. i would assume they would shut him down for the year if this doesn't get better quickly. >>
, the nationals trying to make it two in a row against the braves. more importantly, their ace, steven strasburg, gets good news from the doctor. >>> and mike shanahan taking a wait-and-see approach with albert haynesworth. they met >>> a popular store owner in d.c.'s atlas district was beaten and robbed in his shop today. mo abdi owns a clothing store on eighth street northeast. two men tied him up, pistol whipped him, then took off with cash and merchandise from his store. eighth street is an area in the middle of a big revitalization effort. he's expected to make a full recovery. police haven't made any arrests yet. >>> there's a new report out on housing, and it finds that foreclosures in the district and the virginia suburbs are on the rise. that report is from a group called core logic. and it found the foreclosure rate of just over 2% for the d.c., alexandria, arlington area. that's slightly up from the same time last year. the report also finds that almost 7.5% of homeowners, that's throughout the country, are 90 or more days late on their mortgage. >>> the federal reserve issued new gui
confirms the dangers of sleep apnea. >> reporter: for years steven allen's wife found his snoring downright scarey. >> i would find myself gasping for breath, waking up at night, and my wife would say, steven, steven, are you okay? >> the 60-year-old was diagnosed with sleep apnea, where the patient stopped breathing again and again while they sleep. oxygen can't reach the lungs. it forces the patient awake and the breathing starts again. a new study confirms a link between sleep apnea and heart disease in middle-aged and older men, those 40 to 70 years old had a 60% higher chance of developing heart trouble. >> it is because of the lack of oxygen. >> reporter: 25% of men and 9% of women suffer from sleep apnea, but the cardiac connection appears to be most powerful in men. >> female hormones pro tact cardiovascular disease in women but that may delay it. >> that only lasts until menopause. after that, women may face similar risks to men. steven allen is being treated with a c-pap machine, it forces air into his body while he sleeps and reduces stress on his heart. >> that was anita brikman
"idol." ellen degeneres quits. cara is fired. replacing them, jennifer lopez and steven tyler. we'll judge the impact of all these change "early" friday, july 30, 2010. >>> it is a gorgeous friday morning here in the big town. morning, everybody, i'm harry smith. >> and i'm erica hill. yes, perfect way to kick off the end of the week. a lot happening this morning, a lot happening tomorrow. chelsea clinton, of course, getting married. we'll get you the very latest. live shot from rhinebeck, at the hotel where we're told several wedding guests are staying. >> and we have a lot of news coming out of california. >> break news this morning as we start in los angeles where fast-moving wildfires overfight have threatened 2,000 homes. all of this is is north of l.a., in palmdale, california. that's where we find hattie kauffman this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm at the front lines in terms of protecting homes from these fires. you can see the fire truck behind me, the houses and right behind that is the edge of the fire within a quarter of a mile. all it takes is this gusty wind
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and didn't let up. you don't have to be steven strasburg with a blazing fastball to succeed in the majors. hernandez used to be the guy that did that but now he is an old junk baller who gets it done. that's what he did today. he didn't walk the batter. struck out five guys. did a complete game. keith getting it done with bases. on the mound and at the plate with the bases full. he puts one in play, just gets through infield. willy harris gets in to score. the nationals up 2-0. top three, nationals up 3-0. adam dunn at the plate with a man on. gets good wood on this one. going opposite field. and these things kind of end up going and going and going. finally, out of the park. his 23rd home run of the season. first in the national league. look at him in the old sand. he is swinging at a 64-mile-an-hour pitch. strasburg doesn't have that. then getting some help on defense. roger bernadina makes the catch. the runner on first team of another look at this. bernadina, as soon as he catches it, just hops right up. double play! you've got to like that. fast forward to the bottom of the ninth. li
. michael smerconish is an nbc political analyst. e. stevens collins is a radio host. i want a thorough presentation of what happened two years ago as best we can understand it. give us a sense of the neighborhood involved, the voting division involved, what happened, michael, on that day when we all voted, or most of philadelphia voted for, and certainly that division voted for barack obama for president? >> well, it's the 14th ward. it's the fourth division. it's a public housing development. and as i wrote, it is a division where there didn't need to be any voter intimidation in support of barack obama of any kind. in 2004, you're talking john kerry, 501 votes and george w. bush 24. it was a fore gone conclusion because of the minority position of the voting local that obama was going to clean house. i've always said this was a case about tv and not about turnout. these are a couple of knuckle heads. they are well known to anybody who walks adjacent to city hall in philadelphia. they are always looking to create a spectacle. therefore i think their mission was accomplished. they are
of dessert first. >> you're getting fruit for dessert. >> sorry about that. >> thank you. >>> steven strasberg delivers a gem for the nationals. >> the guy you never heard of is dominating he is british open. hakem dermish has your "sports minute." >> reporter: good morning, everyone, your "sports minute" begins with baseball. steven strasberg and the nats opening up the second half of the season on the road in florida last night. he was solid, goes six scoreless innings gave up four hits and struck out seven. earns his second win. former marlin delivered a blow in the sixth with the bases clearing the double. the nationals shut out the marlins 7-0. ball goes to washington's hudson at the buzzer. the wizards win it. hudson was in the celtics organization last week. the wizards wraup the summer league later today going for their fifth straight win. in golf a guy who has never made a cut at the british open leads the way. after two round he's the winner by five strokes. tiger woods is eight shots back. that's your "sports minute." i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >>> lindsay lohan
on justice stevens' departure. generally looking at the year at the court -- a fewwthings stand out. this is a big year for the roberts court and for chief justice roberts on that court. chief justice roberts was in the majorrty more frequently than any other justice on the court. he was in the majority 92% of3 he dissented it almost -- in almost only a few cases. the last most frequent dissenter was joseph kennedy. this eclipse or went past joseph kennedy as the person in the middle in the majority of the most. to give you a point of comparison, justice stevens dissented 22 times this term. looking forward, justice stevens, the most frequent justice to disagree with chief justice roberts is leaving the court which one might think would lead to even greater unanimity or at least greater agreement on the roberts court. second, i think it is fair to say that the court this year was a conservative but minimalist court. it showed that it would walk tall but perhaps take baby steps. it did so in a number of cases in the free enterprise case, the court embraced a constitutional theory tha
? how about those bush tax cuts. they expire in six months. let's start with steven moore, editorial writer for the "wall street journal." will president obama turn the bush tax cuts into the obama tax cuts? >> i would like to see that. i'd like to see some tax cuts from this administration. but the big issue right now is what's going to happen on january 1st of 2011 which is that all of the bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire the middle class tax cuts and the investment tax cuts. and my own feeling is that it's really in this kind of environment where we have such a risk of a double dip recession, i think it's just economic poison to be talking about raising tax rates on investments and businesses at this time when we've got such high unemployment all over the country. >> and they're expensive. those -- that tax structure is expensive, isn't it is this. >> the tax cuts for thi >> the tax cuts for sure. i would like to come back to steven if i may with a question. does your concern about a double dip recession mean you're in favor of stimulus now? >> no, look, i think the l
. one at moore road, the other place at college highway. st. stevens church road, closed in both directions. baltimore city getting it too. westbound northern parkway, clyburn avenue. no issues on the 95 corridor, up and down, pretty much from harford county, down towards the capital beltway. 95 is checking in incident flee baltimore city. no issues at caton avenue. as we check our drive times, looking good on the outer loop. five minutes down towards i-70. three minutes from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. harbor tunnel thruway checking in pretty clean. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> 6:01. storms rolled through our area yesterday leaving thousands of people without power, knocking down trees, here we are in beltsville. a woman died after winds caused a tree to crash down on her car. the passenger had to go to the hospital, no word on the extent of her injuries. >>> yesterday's storms have left thousands still without power. nearly 40,000 people, many in anne arundel, baltimore county, baltimore city. if you need to report a power outage, call this number: >>> two minute
reportedly not invited. out, robert rubin, secretary of the treasury during clinton's both sterps. steven spielberg, tom hanks and barbra streisand of the she sang at bill's inauguration and rumors are swarming that she'll sheer nad them tomorrow. steven bing may be in too. the movie producer and financier is a big supporter of the clinton, one of the largest donors to the clinton foundation, he loaned bill his 737 to rescue those in prisoned american journalists from north korea. it could be the perfect way for the newlyweds to make a quick escape. for "nightline," i'm sharyn alfonsi in rhinebeck. >> indeed, of course, we extend our warmest good wishes to the bride and the groom and our thanks to sharyn alfonsi. we'll be right back. first here's jimmy kimmel with what's coming up next on abc. >> tonight, adam carolla is here, music from raheem antigua. ♪ hey i'm donkey settin' sail far far away from far far away. we're out here in the caribbean. soakin' up some sun. woohoo shrek's got some moves. hi five boys, it's sushi time. i'm donkey, feeling the ocean breeze on my hooves, gettin'
-star selection for a losing team? not sure but the past few weeks sure have been fun discussing steven strausburg. should he, could he? would he be selected to the 81st midsummer classic in anaheim? no. the all-star team was announced this afternoon and the dynamite righty was left off the roster in lieu of others that have been in the big store all along. charlie manuel said there will be plenty of selection to come for steven strausburg in the future just not this year. let's check the numbers out on him. yesterday. five innings, two runs, five strikeouts. no decision for the season. six starts. 2-2 with a couple of no decisions. 2.45 earned run average. who did make the team? answer. matt caps. we call him the cap gun around here. reliever that led the national league in saves for most of the first half in the season. 22 saves are currentsly tied for second most. not bad for the man who wasn't even offered a contract by the pittsburgh pirates this off season. >> i'm very proud of matt. great's addition to the ball club over the winter. >> matt is just a class act and a power pitching strike t
-confidence. but this is, in fact, a consequential decision. the man she is replacing, john paul stevens -- seven presidents he served under. that is absolutely remarkable. this is the last clear chance to get a shot anybody in terms of what they really stand for, and we have reached a point and the process now where we don't know. >> a 5-4 ruling by the court this week said that the second amendment's guarantee of the right to bear arms supplies to state and local gun-control laws, too. mark shields can now keep a .44 magnum under his pillow. >> that is true and this was pretty much expected but the court did not do is say that you cannot reasonable regulations of guns, giving lower courts and the rest of us know more of an idea as to what reasonable regulations are. i want to say one other thing -- i have covered the supreme court for more years than i care to admit on the air. on this last day of the court, it was one of the most dramatic i've ever been at. the announcement of opinions took more than an hour. justice ginsberg and's husband had died the night before -- justice ginsburg's husban
if a suspect is on parole or probation. a demonstration was held today. major stevens, the guy in charge of this program says the new technology will really help officers out in the field. >>> new technology down in ocean city threatening public safety. green laser pointers are a huge problem harassing or shining laser pointers on a person is banned in ocean city may through mid-july. police say they reported 15 incidents of people breaking the law using the laser pointers. seven people had to be arrested the police chief said it is out of control. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories police in bel air are trying to track down this man here, mohammed, goes by the name of black and authorities say he pulled a trigger in the shooting outside american legion hall over the weekend that killed a man and wounded a teen. he was on parole and should be considered armed and dangerous. >>> investigation continues into exactly who drove that car into glen falls stream during yesterday's thunderstorms, but the story took a twist late this afternoon, witnesses tell detectives a group of juveni
tonight. after being charged with a string of crimes, steven pitcaren who would have turned 24 years old today, was walking down the street talking on his cell phone to his mother was killed. >> reporter: this should have been a day of celebration for steven pitcaren, it's his birthday. >> it maybes you angry when anybody gets hurt, it just makes no sense. >> reporter: john wagner and loveta merit has a long record. merit for drug usage, but wagner has brought shock. >> in two of his court hearings he was found guilty for violation of probation but no time was added to his sentence. >> reporter: and this is video thought of being him robbing and beating someone for just $7. >> we have records over a foot high saying, what could have been done differently. our conclusion is that we as prosecutors did everything we could. >> reporter: in pit karen's case, both were looking to rob someone. he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. he was on the phone with his mother who heard the entire ordeal. >> she heard him say, i don't have any money. and then she heard him dreaming and making a noi
and mean. >>> and steven straussburg got scratched tonight. he is a little hurt. trying to break down what is wrong. he'll tell you coming up.  >> can an avatar video game teach your daughter to have sex? strange idea but that is what is behind a new game. it puts the player in a motion- sensor suit and the placers pick up the motions and activate the avatar and the girl reacts to the situations she finds herself in on screen giving her a chance to figure out how to am herself without peer pressure. >> and there is an opportunity to interact with the avatars and they'll earn points for particular skills that they develop. >> how much do you think this costs? $434,000 in taxpayer money. it's an enormous waste of time and mom when he an honest conversation westbound could be more effective and why it doesn't include teaching tools for boys. >>> virginia looking to help parents save on the back-to- school shopping and chevy has finally swept a price tag on the new volt you heard about and he's more. >>> first, buying a green ride may cost you a lot of money. number 5, chevy's new volt h
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